Thursday, 2 February 2017

Assessment Centre: One of the primary tools of recruitment

Even though you have sailed through the initial rounds of your interview at a bank, one of the most challenging obstacles still remain in your path to the success - the Assessment Centre.

Banking Assessment ‘centre’ –Which have been growing to become an important part of the recruitment process now a days- take place at the office of any particular bank and typically occurs on the last day of the recruitment process. These assessment programs are generally carried out by the banks on a regular basis during their interview procedure to pick the best candidate among the talent pool which cleared the initial interview rounds.

Even though each and every bank has its own hiring candidate assessment techniques which are different from each other but there are some basics which might help you to crack your test. Some of those tricks are –

Lots of interview rounds – There are lots of one to one grilling sessions which happen in an assessment centre. These inter views would be conducted by various high ranking bank officials such as the senior bankers and also with an HR manager in tow.

Lots of competency based enquiries – For a person who has avoided all the competency based questions, this step in the procedure is unavoidable during interviews at assessment centre. There will be lots of situational questions which would judge the behavior of a person.

Lots of numerical as well as written exams during assessment centre –Though it varies largely according to the type of banks, but one thing is for sure that you have to appear for several examinations prescribed by the bank. Though they would be basic but there will be several quantitative tests which will be conducted at an assessment centre.

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